BioShock Infinite: A Review

Although it’s hard, I’ll try my best not to go overboard while talking about BioShock Infinite. I feel BioShock Infinite is a savior for the First Person Shooter (FPS) genre which is slowly wearing out. Let’s face it, the Call of Duty and Battlefield games these days lack innovation. Both of these franchises are growing stale with every game they put out, offering the same old game-play, shooting, and clich√©s. Just when I had given up on FPS games, God gifted me with BioShock Infinite.

This was a game I had waited for a really long time, and it definitely did not leave me disappointed. Most of you may find it hard to believe but I completed the game in a day. I started playing in the afternoon and went on till 2 o’clock in the morning, just taking small breaks for lunch, dinner and toilet. Yup, that’s how engrossing it was.

Unlike the previous two games in the BioShock series, Infinite is set in Columbia, a breathtakingly colorful city suspended in the sky through “Quantum Levitation” and giant balloons. There is also a second main character in the game – Elizabeth. The game introduces various new game-play elements but has continued with some of the classic BioShock trademarks, like, Vigors which are the Infinite versions of the Plasmids from BioShock 1 and 2. Just like the first game in the series, Infinite has a well-developed and engaging story and also a shocking twist in the end.

Game-play – 10/10

BioShock Infinite is a First Person Shooter with a unique and innovative game-play. Other than shooting, the game presents various combat methods, making it a lot more fun than Call of Duty. There is a wide variety of weapons, ranging from pistols to hand cannons. And along with these weapons, players acquire Vigors throughout the game, which gives the player special abilities helping them in combat. There a total of eight Vigors, each giving unique abilities.

Vending machines are present all over Columbia which can be used to purchase health packs, refills for Vigors (Salts), weapon and Vigor upgrades and ammo. Various collectibles such as “Voxophones” can also be found in Columbia, which give you a brief idea of the city’s history.

It is fun engaging in combat although it gets pretty hard when multiple enemies attack you at once, especially Handymans and motorized patriots. The only thing I didn’t like about the combat was that the player can only carry two weapons at once. This made me hang on to the best guns and spend ammo carefully.

One of the most awesome features of Infinite is that you can ride on “Sky-Lines” using your sky hook. Sky -Lines are a network of aerial tracks, like those in roller coasters, spread out throughout Columbia. The player can use these Sky-Lines by latching onto them with their sky hook and enemies can be shot and melees can be performed while riding. The sky hook also serves as the melee weapon throughout the game.

The female protagonist, Elizabeth stays with us almost throughout the game. Her company is quite pleasant and does not act as a burden for the player at all. During combat, Elizabeth tosses you health packages, ammo and coins. She can pick locks and also has the ability to open “Tears” which are portals to different places.

Plot – 10/10

BioShock Infinite has one of the best stories I have ever seen in a game, along with a lovely style of story-telling. Believe me, the twist in the end will leave you dumbfounded and will haunt your thoughts for a really long time. The plot is brilliantly handled and has no major loopholes.

The story is set in 1912. The player takes on the role of Booker Dewitt, a former Pinkerton detective who is emotionally disturbed by the violence he has committed in the past. He tries to get over his disturbing memories by alcohol and gambling. As a result, an unbelievably large amount of debt is left for him to pay. Two mysterious people present Booker with an offer. They promise to pay his debts for him if he rescues a girl named Elizabeth from a floating city called Columbia. The rest of the story unfolds when Booker rescues Elizabeth from her tower.

Initially, Columbia is portrayed as a city of dreams. It is colorful, bright and full of life. But as the game progresses, the hidden evil in the city is revealed to us. Columbia is on the brink of a civil war between the reigning “Founders” and the oppressed “Vox Populi”. The Founders consist of the city’s ruling class who strongly believe in racism, while the Vox Populi is a large resistance group of ill-treated black people revolting against the Founders. Play the game to find out more!

What really impressed me was the realistic depiction of the situation and social evils taking place in Columbia and how it affects the people. I also saw once in the game that a whole statue had been made to honor John Wilkes Booth (the man who killed Abraham Lincoln).

Graphics 9/10

The beauty of Columbia just mesmerized me, it’s easy to see that a lot of detail has been put into designing Columbia including the architecture of each building. The city looks vibrant and bright mainly because of the colorful buildings and the open sky. Characters also have been well designed and look realistic during game-play, but the graphics look a bit outdated at times. Overall, BioShock Infinite features rich graphics, but compared to a few other games, the graphics in Infinite falls a bit short.


To sum it all up, BioShock infinite lives up to its high expectations and is a great achievement for the developer – Irrational Games. In my honest opinion, BioShock easily surpasses Grand Theft Auto 5 in terms of Plot, Graphics… almost everything. Infinite should be a source of inspiration for other developers and will always be remembered (at least by me) for what a great game it is. According to me, the game is a must-play and a must-own. I have just bought the BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea DLC and going to play it soon!

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The E-Commerce Of Video Game Accessories

Video games have been in development since the 1950s, but rapid progress has been made in the last few decades due to the emergence of latest technologies. The vast improvements in computer graphics have made these games feel almost real-like, and can be attributed as the main reason behind its widespread popularity. There is a huge market for video games, and a significant part of it is driven by online retailers.

Several established organizations like Sony and Microsoft are major stakeholders in this business with their gaming consoles, namely PlayStation and Xbox. These consoles are dedicated devices that need to be plugged to a display device in order to operate. Moreover, a player can connect with other players through a secure online network, thereby enabling Internet-powered multi-player gaming.

There is a huge craze among today’s generation to buy the latest version of these consoles. Sony, Microsoft and other digital gaming giants often release enhanced versions of their devices, and along with it, there are several new compatible games released every week. This leads to a very vibrant international market, with the sales volumes touching millions of dollars.

Apart from the gaming consoles, video game accessories also have a huge market for itself. Accessories include joysticks, controllers, specially designed earphones, charging adapters and many more. Although these accessories do not have any standalone functionalities, they help in enhancing the overall gaming experience.

There are several interesting game accessories available for specific gaming consoles. For example, shotgun attachments are available online for PlayStation games, which give you the feel of using a real shotgun while playing such games. Similarly, wireless gaming controllers help you play even when you are not near the system.

Video gaming is highly addictive and it is very difficult to resist playing them once we get a hang of it. In fact, there are several research studies being conducted to determine the impact of video games on the human behavior. Under these circumstances, it is safe to assume that the market for video games and accessories is here to stay. The future is even more exciting and promising, considering the fact that the computer graphics technology is improving day by day. Moreover, with the popularity of smartphones on the rise, it is a matter of time before the full version of all these games are available on these mobile devices, thereby expanding the market for the video game accessories.